Bien fait, Intermarché

I may be the last to write about the brilliant Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables campaign from French supermarket chain Intermarché, but I want to say that it’s the best initiative on food waste I’ve seen from one company.

Selling ugly (moches) fruits and vegetables at a 30% discount after raising awareness with a line of soups and juices from those same types of produce–excellent. Perhaps even better is the execution and design. Have a look:

While this idea has certainly made the rounds in social media, it’s worth spreading the word further. Because, really, all supermarkets could do something similar. And imagine the impact that would have on food waste in the developed world.

So all of you supermarkets out there–especially here in the US!–adapt or even steal Intermarché’s idea. There’s too much at stake, environmentally and hunger-wise, not to try something to trim our food waste. Who knows, it may even bring some buzz to that retailer. After all, ugly is the new black. Ugly is now sexy.

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