Friday Buffet

Much of the D.C. deer population have completed a quick journey from USDA sharpshooters scopes to soup kitchen plates. D.C. Central Kitchen recently received 600 pounds of ground venison from the National Park Service’s (necessary/unnecessary?) deer cull in Rock Creek Park.

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If supermarkets aren’t going to dramatically reduce their waste, the least they can do is create electricity while keeping it out of the landfill. A new anaerobic digestion facility at a Los Angeles distribution center for two Kroger affiliates is doing just that (while the stores also hope to create less food waste). FEED Resource Recovery developed the project, which can process 300,000 pounds of organic materials daily.

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Displeased with the level of voluntary waste reporting from the UK food industry, the awareness group This Is Rubbish recently called for mandatory food waste audits within the food industry.

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Finally, when life gives you food waste, Brazilian graffiti artist Narcélio Grud turns it into art. Hey, that’s better than landfilling it.

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