Friday Buffet

Love this idea: a Love Your Leftovers site from the UN Environmental Programme. Add your favorite leftovers recipe to the site and you might win a prize and/or become web-famous.

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The Iowa Senate passed an interesting bill on Wednesday that would require the state to promote food waste reduction and recovery. The Des Moines Register says the bill is unlikely to pass the House, but here’s a chance to write or call your local representative, Iowans! Did I mention the bill was proposed by three youngsters ages 11 to 13?!

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The glass is pretty much half-full in Portland. The city hasn’t been able to find a home for a local composting facility, so commercial food waste will be split between four sites. But, they are still composting. Here’s the glass-half-empty view, though.

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Finally, it’s great to see Aljazeera adding to the attention on food waste. They report that global food waste could feed billions and comes at a cost of roughly $1 Trillion for the developed and developing world combined.

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