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Friday Buffet

Love this idea: a Love Your Leftovers site from the UN Environmental Programme. Add your favorite leftovers recipe to the site and you might win a prize and/or become web-famous. — — The Iowa Senate passed an interesting bill on Wednesday that would require the state to promote food waste reduction and recovery. The Des […]

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Friday Buffet

Don’t look now but…here comes another app to help avoid food waste: Consume Within. — — Recently, PBS cooking maestra Lidia Bastianich posted a commitment to reduce her waste. She even asked her readers to follow suit and share their experiences at her site’s community table. — — Who wouldn’t want to learn a bit […]

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Well done, Oregon

Salem, Ore., began curbside compost collection last week. And the state capital seems to be making a real effort to do it right, if this super-useful Q & A is any indication. Now I hear that the neighboring city of Keizer will start their own food waste collection on September 1. That’s great news. But […]

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Friday Buffet

It’s not every day that Prince Charles and food waste find themselves in the same sentence. But that’s the story out of Britain, as the Prince of Wales blasted the country’s squandering. “In this country we waste 10 billion quid’s worth of food every year – wasted. Is that really a sensible system at the […]

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