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Friday Buffet

A new study from USDA researchers puts the total cost of food waste at 165 billion–just for retail and consumer segments of the food chain. And–that’s with 2008 data. So the total cost is certainly higher than that. — — Residents of Le Sueur, Minn. are not thrilled about a potential anaerobic digestion facility that [...]

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Banning Food Waste in Landfills

Hit the Gas, a recent UK study funded by an anaerobic digestion (AD) industry group, discusses ways to create more energy via that process. One of those ways is to divert food waste from landfills to AD plants. To secure more “feedstock” for AD, the report proposes that the government should “phase out organic waste to [...]

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Monday Buffet

Here’s NPR’s second story of the week relating to food recovery. I’m a source in this one! — — Massachusetts is clearing some red tape to pave the way for more anaerobic digestion. Wicked awesome! — — Meanwhile, the UK’s largest AD facility just opened in Staffordshire. — — This story on Malaysian restaurateurs’ responses [...]

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It’s neat to find a conference attracting practitioners of composting, anaerobic digestion, and other organic recycling schemes. BioCycle’s Global 2011 in San Diego is just that. There’s plenty of talk of separating organics from the waste stream, air emissions from composting, and the carbon cap-and-trade system. There was even a very public debate about land [...]

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Friday Buffet

Massachusetts (food) waste-to-energy company Harvest Power is turning plenty of heads with their fundraising, which will speed development of two anaerobic digesters in Canada. It’s too bad a Massachusetts company hasn’t been able to create any American projects. Yet that’s the sad, but hopefully changing, reality. — —- Here’s a nice piece on gleaning in the [...]

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Friday Buffet

I’ve always enjoyed the Worldwatch Institute’s State of the World reports. But now I really like them after the State of the World Report 2011 classifed food waste as a major concern. From Wednesday’s release: Moreover, “roughly 40 percent of the food currently produced worldwide is wasted before it is consumed, creating large opportunities for [...]

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Weekend Buffet

Want to eat a gourmet, dumpster-procured meal? How about having a film director come to your town and rail against food waste while wearing a speedo? Donate some money to help Dive! director Jeremy Seifert’s campaign to send a copy of his film to every Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods in the U.S. of A. [...]

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Friday Buffet

New Zealand is really taking a hard look at its food waste. And it’s high time–it makes up a whopping 45 percent of Hawke’s Bay region’s trash. — — Houston high schoolers turning food scraps into gasoline?? Great Scott, Marty! To the DeLorean! — — Here’s a good look at the anaerobic digester at Oakland’s [...]

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Friday Buffet

Love it! The U.S. Open is composting this year. The tennis tournament has bins throughout its grounds. — — Well then–a big food fight in Nevada. Because what’s more authentic than La Tomatina in…Reno? The tomato-tossing war cost $10 to enter, which went to cancer research. That’s hard to argue with. But…there are many ways to [...]

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Walk, Bike, or Compost?

Oh to have the problems of Palo Alto! The stately California town faces this conundrum: Turn a soon-to-be closed landfill into a park or an anaerobic digestion plant. The city had earmarked the land to be used as a park when the landfill closes in the next two years. For the waste-t0-energy facility to happen, [...]

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