Friday Buffet

Love it! The U.S. Open is composting this year. The tennis tournament has bins throughout its grounds.

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Well then–a big food fight in Nevada. Because what’s more authentic than La Tomatina in…Reno?┬áThe tomato-tossing war cost $10 to enter, which went to cancer research. That’s hard to argue with.

But…there are many ways to fundraise. Santiago Gurule from Tables of Hope tipped me off to the event and his words on it were poetic: “You hope the majority of people would find more lasting satisfaction in supporting two important causes (finding a cure for cancer and helping to end hunger) with one tomato.”

Plus, it’s not like the town’s called Rena.

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By next year, the Minnesota State Fair could be partially powered by food waste (and manure). U. of Minnesota scientists are testing how effective it would be to convert Fair food waste and manure to energy. No word yet on whether there are plans to deep fry the waste first.

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San Jose’s Greenwaste collects a bunch of food waste from Bay Area cities (10,000 tons from Palo Alto businesses last year) and has a nice looking site to boot!

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Successful food waste collection by smaller companies like Greenwaste is no doubt behind the decision by industry biggie Waste Management to increase its organics recycling services.

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    Hi Jonathan!

    I really enjoy your blog, it’s so pertinent in this day and age.
    Speaking of wasted food, you’ve probably heard of the floods in Pakistan, and all those food crops lost to the water. I have been hesitating to send money, because it’s been a little tight, but it dawned on me that I could send seeds.

    I found a British aid organization willing to distribute seed packets to farmers in Pakistan. All I need to do is collect the seeds. Although I do have lots of spare seeds, my stash is too small to make much of an impact, so I am asking fellow gardeners and bloggers to spread the word.

    If you have seeds to spare (I seem to recall that you have a garden), or know of gardeners interested in sharing their seeds, you can email me at, or leave me a comment on my blog

    Dahlia ChanTang

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