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Friday Buffet

Update: This one slipped by me, but Diana F. tipped me off to the great news that the LA City Council voted to make city departments create policies for donating leftover food from events. — — Excessive food waste in the House of Commons tea rooms means there are fat mice in the halls of [...]

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Friday Buffet

Slate’s Green Lantern provides what I think is the best ‘tips to reduce your food waste’ piece I’ve ever seen. — — Following up on that, the Dollars and Sense blog from the San Francisco Chronicle echoed those tips. — — I think I’m in love…with my wife, of course. But Miss Almeda is really [...]

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Friday Buffet

As if the environmental benefits weren’t enough, separating food waste from landfill-bound trash also creates jobs! — — I always knew Converted Organics was innovative, but now there’s proof that I’m not the only one impressed with their High Temperature Liquid Composting (HTLC) system. — — Not to be outdone, Minnesota’s Eureka Recycling will soon [...]

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M’Gosh, Oshkosh!

Recently, the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh announced that they’ll start construction on an anaerobic digestion project this spring. It’s great news, as the food waste-to-energy project should be completed by the fall. I’m not sure why exactly it’ll be the “first of its kind nationwide,” as the article mentions, but I’d guess it has something to [...]

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