V is for V-Carrot

This past summer I shared several examples of alphabet produce. While I haven’t seen many of those wonderful oddities recently, given the decreased homegrown and farmers’ market produce, I recently came across this beauty on my last market outing:

This carrot makes a great ‘V’ and could even double as an ‘A.’ It also makes a perfect ‘greater-than’ (or ‘less-than’) sign. As in:  Carrot-with-character > regular carrot.

The internet tells me that you can use double symbols to emphasize your point, so:     V-carrot >> regular carrot.

And if you really want to get crazy, you could even use it as a circumflex (ˆ). Whatever you see in this humble carrot, though, it’s a good reminder that real food has curves. Or sometimes 30 degree angles…

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