Friday Buffet

Boom! Rhode Island’s state legislature proposes a landfill food waste ban and the private sector leaps into action, with news of a planned composting facility near Providence.

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I really enjoyed this Food Hacks piece on regrowing food from the ends and other undesirable parts of herbs and veggies. If I had any use for carrot greens, I’d definitely grow them from carrot ends. Although, in reality, I seldom cut off the ends of carrots…

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There’s been a decent amount of talk about supermarkets turning to composting contraptions like the Harvester. There’s this TakePart article, for which I was a source, and then the King 5 news story below. Overall, it’s a positive trend, but reducing waste and donating unsellable food should take precedence over any form of composting.

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On a similar note, hoteliers are warming up to composting machines.

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