Art Against Waste

Images (and actions) speak louder than words. To wit: these neat finalists in a food waste ad contest and Klaus Pichler’s amazing photos.

The Glue Society, an independent creative collective, just added to that growing body of food waste art with their installation More Than Ten Items or Less at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas. The group set up the purpose-built Jon’s Fruit Market at the beginning of the festival, stocked it with produce and then let it all rot.

Visitors could look in the window to see sprouting onions, rotting strawberries and browning bananas. Brilliantly, the store displayed the amount of food that the average Australian household wastes annually.

Like most art installations, this one was ephemeral. But its impact hopefully lives on in visitors’ minds. And it does seem like an easily replicated idea (hint, hint).

In the meantime, here are more pics celebrating this wonderful bit of concept art:

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