Cooking Off The Halloween Hangover

Pumpkins are edible. I know, I know…crazy.

image courtesy of Food NetworkIt’s hard to think of those orange globes on your doorstep as anything other than┬ádecoration, but they’re so much more than decorative gourds, folks.

Pumpkins are a kind of squash, and as such, they can be used in an array of delicious dishes. And what better way to cut through that Halloween hangover (candy or otherwise) than by cooking a healthy (or at least tasty) waste-avoiding dish?

Smaller pie pumpkins are the best–but not the only–kind for cooking. Yet, whatever kind of pumpkin you have, here are some handy pumpkin recipe ideas from our friends at Love Food Hate Waste. If you haven’t carved into your pumpkin(s), get cracking!

If you have carved your pumpkin(s), it’s probably too late to cook them because the rotting process will have started (unless it has been cold enough–mostly below 40 degrees F). I’m all for making Jack O’ Lanterns, but the desire to have a pumpkin with a face that’s edible pumpkin may point to painting pumpkins.

Anyway, for those set on eating their whole or carved pumpkin in pie form, here’s a step-by-step guide. Finally–and it almost goes without saying–don’t forget to roast those delicious seeds!

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