Coming Attractions: Food Waste Protocol

The World Resources Institute just announced plans to create a Global Food Loss and Waste Measurement Protocol. Not since 1984 and Goldie Hawn’s glory days have I been so excited about the word ‘protocol.’

WRI, a DC-based think tank, is creating this set of guidelines to help countries and companies measure and monitor food waste/loss. The GFLWP, which could stand a catchier acronym, will create a standard way to measure food wastage. For instance, what to measure, how to do it and what units of measure to use.

image courtesy of WRIOnce the Protocol exists, that kind of consistent measurement will ultimately allow better comparisons across boundaries. And that ability to make global comparisons has been sorely lacking.

Another main goal, according to a WRI blog post, is that by effectively measuring waste, companies and countries can then determine how best to combat it. It’s like that old maxim ‘what gets measured gets managed.’

This protocol could truly be a game-changer. Now it’s just a matter of creating the thing. WRI is just now at the beginning of the process that will involve experts and stakeholders. Goldie and I will both be waiting with baited breath.

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