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Waste Weigh Friday

I’ve spent this past week at Bucknell University. I gave a campus talk, guest lectured in a variety of classes and met with professors and students. It has been an engaging, fun few days. But the main participatory activity of the visit takes place today at lunch, when we’ll hold a waste audit in the main [...]

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Friday Buffet

Exciting news: the National Restaurant Association announced a partnership with the US Composting Council. We shall see what comes from this collaboration, but at first glance it seems like a major step in the right direction. I like the second item the best: “We are pleased to join with the US Composting Council to better [...]

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European Produce Pondering

On Friday, I was surprised to hear the finding that 50% of Europe’s fruits and vegetables aren’t eaten. Turns out I missed one small word–that close to 50% is wasted. Not a big deal, though, as nearly everyone uses tiny modifiers for impact. With or without modifiers, European produce waste is shocking. Yet even worse is North [...]

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Friday Buffet

Wait, what?! According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, 50% of Europe’s fruit and vegetables are wasted. I’ll have more on this staggering news on Monday. — — Lots of food waste discussion up in Canada. A recent report found that 51% of Canadian food waste comes from homes. I’m not sure I’d classify that as [...]

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Cafeteria Cameras?

A Florida school district is considering placing video cameras on cafeteria trash cans to see what students are wasting. While unlikely to happen, that move would be a total waste–of money. Cafeteria workers, teachers, and, heck, even I could tell you what kinds of foods are being wasted–vegetables, fruit and milk (often unopened). Lake County [...]

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Making a Point

Recently, I filmed a video comment for The Point, a discussion show on the online TYT Network. Here’s the entire webisode, which tackles a nice combination of food topics. My video and the food waste discussion begin at about 17:00. By the way, I’m also skeptical on whether we’ll ever eradicate hunger. That would mean we–the [...]

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Visualizing Food Waste

Thanks to Leanpath, for creating and transmitting this clear infographic on food waste. It’s further proof that our wastage is something for which we might want to…atone.

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In Residence at Bucknell

I’m spending this week at Bucknell University as an expert-in-residence. The O.V.W. Hawkins Expert-in-Residence, if you insist on proper nouns. I’m honored and humbled. This is one of four visits that I’ll make this academic year, and if all the visits are this engaging and interesting, it’ll be quite an experience. Thus far, I’ve talked to [...]

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Wasting Water

With World Water Week having just concluded, there’s been plenty of talk about the scarcity of water. And I was interested to hear the latest on the link between water and food waste. Still, I was stunned by this statement: “More than one-fourth of all the water we use worldwide is taken to grow over [...]

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Use That Food!

Here’s a neat one: UseTheFood is a free site that helps you find recipes to…use the food. Your food, that is. As of today, the startup goes from private beta to public beta. In other words, you can search the listings. I haven’t looked through it much, but I like the a feature that allows you [...]

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