Friday Buffet

Wait, what?! According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, 50% of Europe’s fruit and vegetables are wasted. I’ll have more on this staggering news on Monday.

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Lots of food waste discussion up in Canada. A recent report found that 51% of Canadian food waste comes from homes. I’m not sure I’d classify that as ‘most’ of the nation’s food waste, but it’s a whopping percentage. Helpfully, the CBC then provided 7 Ways to Reduce Household Food Waste.

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You can’t smell it from this video, but that blue (cheese?) dragster runs on fuel made from cheese waste. Keep it cheesy, Utah State!

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Finally, I hope that composting is indeed “the next frontier” of recycling (but not the final one). But–pet peeve alert–the writer uses the term ‘reducing food wastes’ to mean trimming the amount going to landfill, not reducing the amount of food waste created. Alas…

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