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Exciting news: the National Restaurant Association announced a partnership with the US Composting Council. We shall see what comes from this collaboration, but at first glance it seems like a major step in the right direction.

I like the second item the best:

“We are pleased to join with the US Composting Council to better serve our members by providing resources on composting, waste reduction, and other sustainability efforts they can adopt to strengthen their businesses,” said Scott DeFife, Executive Vice President, Policy and Government Affairs for the NRA.

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Chicago eatery Hannah’s Bretzel is on its way to becoming a zero-waste restaurant, with a 90% diversion rate. What was shocking to learn (and what has to change) is that composting is exponentially more expensive in Chicago than landfilling.

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I thought this NRDC blog post on expanding portion sizes and importance of choice was really well done.

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For those not sure about composting, there’s a helpful infographic to illustrate How to Make Composting Work For You.

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An interesting idea ends this Oregon newspaper column: composting as a salve for guilt (stemming from wasting food). I agree–and consider it a guilt assuager. But maybe a tiny bit of unsalved guilt would prompt us to waste less. The columnist shares that goal, but comes at it from a different angle.

It’s a neat column, and it’s heartening to hear about the great gleaning network in the Corvallis area.

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