Food *Waste* Revolution?

Fresh off tackling obesity, Jamie Oliver will now turn his attention to food waste with his next TV project. At least that’s what his pal, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, he of the valiant Fish Fight campaign, announced for at a recent press conference.

If you just add one little word...

It’s not clear whether this would be on US or UK television, but I’d bet on the latter. And it’ll surely be available online in either case.

While it’s not completely surprising, given Oliver’s record of taking on major food-related issues and including waste, it’s exciting. Having a celebrity chef of Oliver’s stature commit to shedding light on food waste will yield some major…illumination.

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Programming note: I’m visiting Bucknell University this week for my another week-long engagement. I’ll give a campus talk tonight and have been speaking in various classes.

We’re putting on a special event in the cafeteria on Friday, and I’ll have a report on it then. Stay tuned!

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