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Veggie Trader Q & A

This Tuesday, I wrote about online food swapping sites. Another such site, Veggie Trader, has only been operating for a few weeks, but is already creating some buzz. Rob Anderson, one of the site’s Portland-based creators, was nice enough to answer a few questions: How’d you come up with the idea for Veggie Trader? A […]

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Friday Buffet

Things are looking grim for a potential California bill that would allow catering customers to demand that their excess food be donated. After having her bill rebuffed last year, State Sen. Jenny Oropeza has decided to take a slow steady approach this year. It seems like a victory for the loose coalition of intertia, fear […]

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Friday Buffet

Eureka! Folks in that California town are thinking about installing a digester to turn food waste to energy. — — Word out of England is that some pols want to ban “buy one, get one free” deals. The Liberal-Democrats’ rationale is that stores are luring people to buy more food than they need, causing unnecessary […]

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Ripe for the Picking

A little while back, the San Francisco Chronicle ran a dense, fabulous article on foraging for food. In it, tree gleaning takes center stage, with olives, walnuts and oranges literally up for grabs. It’s nice to see some people making use of the edibles available around them. Talk about eating local! The central character of […]

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Do You Fruitcycle?

Maui’s tree gleaning group Waste Not, Want Not combines two of my favorite things: Hawaii and food recovery. The group began gleaning four weeks ago and their efforts have been, dare I say, fruitful. A recent outing of just five volunteers netted 153 pounds of citrus. Another yielded 360 pounds, or about one pickup truck’s […]

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Friday Buffet

Behold, the Mount Everest Rushmore of cheese sculptures. Maybe they heard me coming, because the article notes that this cheddar masterpiece will eventually be eaten. (I’ve got dibs on Washington’s schnauze.) — — Check out this useful article on extending food shelf life from the increasingly waste-centric food writer China Millman at the Chicago Sun-Times. […]

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Friday Buffet

One of my favorite food recovery topics is backyard gleaning, where volunteers collect unwanted fruit from residential trees. If I had a tree producing anything edible, I’d be all over it. And no, acorn soup doesn’t taste good. — — Kudos to Jack Davis, an 11-year-old Florida boy, for prodding Florida legislators to pass a […]

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