Friday Buffet

Behold, the Mount Everest Rushmore of cheese sculptures. Maybe they heard me coming, because the article notes that this cheddar masterpiece will eventually be eaten. (I’ve got dibs on Washington’s schnauze.)
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Check out this useful article on extending food shelf life from the increasingly waste-centric food writer China Millman at the Chicago Sun-Times.

mango tree by robert and fabienne (via Creative Commons)— —

Tree Gleaning is part of what I had in mind when I was singing California’s praises the other day. There are groups mapping fruit trees and/or enjoying their bounty in LA, Berkeley and Portland (and, yes, I realize Portland isn’t in Calif.)

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Here’s a neat story from Japan: schools in the city of Sapporo have been composting food waste since 2006.

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Finally, here’s a pretty good primer: “13 Ways to Reduce Food Waste.”

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