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Cafeteria Cameras?

A Florida school district is considering placing video cameras on cafeteria trash cans to see what students are wasting. While unlikely to happen, that move would be a total waste–of money. Cafeteria workers, teachers, and, heck, even I could tell you what kinds of foods are being wasted–vegetables, fruit and milk (often unopened). Lake County [...]

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Friday Buffet

The same guy who brought you Let’s Be Frank hot dogs is working to transform potentially squandered farm products into shelf stable ones to be sold at specialty stores like San Fran’s slice of foodie heaven, Bi-Rite Market. — — Thumbs up for NYC School composting. Boo for photos that make the compost bin seem [...]

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Teaching About Waste

There’s an increasing attention being paid to waste of all kinds. That’s why a waste curriculum aimed at the most-important-to-reach Americans (from a waste-generating standpoint) is key. Anyone looking to teach elementary school students about waste should say ‘Thanks, Ohio!’ And then turn to The Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Windows on Waste curriculum. It [...]

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Friday Buffet

Here’s an updated version of the study tracking the US climate impact of food waste. Food waste represents 1.5% of greenhouse gas emissions? Sounds about right… — — A UK professor has the dirt on the EU’s strict standards for veggies. — — For those of you on Netflix–you can now instantly watch Dive! the [...]

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Holiday Buffet

Tree gleaning and Chinese food on Christmas?! (And the movie comes afterward, right?) If only I lived in L.A… — — Wait, what?! A report out of LA says that 62% of students there don’t have enough time to eat all of their lunch? That can’t be good for food waste. — — Glad to hear [...]

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Friday Buffet

Forget Greece. The real news out of Europe this week was the Environment Commissioner targeting a 50% food waste reduction in the EU by 2020. Beautiful. — — Not sure about the viability of replicating this school without Titanic/Avatar money, but it’s pretty neat–a zero waste elementary school in Malibu. Sure, they’re composting. But what [...]

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Friday Double Feature: Local News Embed

After seeing so much food going to waste at their school and learning about a law preventing donation of that food, two Houston boys have set out to change it! Hopefully the Houston Independent School District does decide to allow students more choice in what lunch items they take. And just seeing the footage of [...]

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Monday Buffet

If you’re in the mood for some startling food waste stats on a Monday morning, look no further than this piece gleaning some shockers from the recent FAO report. — — And here’s a followup from that same FAO world waste study–a report on post-harvest losses in sub-Saharan Africa. — — MSNBC weighed in with this piece on [...]

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Monday Buffet

In Denmark, The Veterinary and Food Administration may change a law that bans selling food past its “best-by” date. Stores would be in charge of determining how long they can sell an item. I can see this helping in some cases, and backfiring in others. Fascinating, though. — — So you’re saying porridge isn’t popular? [...]

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Teaching Waste

For anyone who’s visited a school cafeteria as an adult, the opening to this Chicago Tribune piece will likely ring true: On visits to lunchrooms in Chicago public schools, the Tribune watched as vast quantities of unpeeled fruit, vegetables, milk cartons and other items got pitched into the garbage. The piece cited some staggering numbers, [...]

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