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Monday Buffet

In Denmark, The Veterinary and Food Administration may change a law that bans selling food past its “best-by” date. Stores would be in charge of determining how long they can sell an item. I can see this helping in some cases, and backfiring in others. Fascinating, though. — — So you’re saying porridge isn’t popular? [...]

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Teaching Waste

For anyone who’s visited a school cafeteria as an adult, the opening to this Chicago Tribune piece will likely ring true: On visits to lunchrooms in Chicago public schools, the Tribune watched as vast quantities of unpeeled fruit, vegetables, milk cartons and other items got pitched into the garbage. The piece cited some staggering numbers, [...]

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Friday Buffet

It’s heartening to see Congress fight hunger and obesity while supporting local foods (even if it’s sad that it took them this long). All good news, right? Well… About half of the $4.5 billion cost is financed by a cut in food stamps starting in several years. In your best Jon Stewart voice: Wha-wha-what?!? So [...]

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Friday Buffet

New Zealand is really taking a hard look at its food waste. And it’s high time–it makes up a whopping 45 percent of Hawke’s Bay region’s trash. — — Houston high schoolers turning food scraps into gasoline?? Great Scott, Marty! To the DeLorean! — — Here’s a good look at the anaerobic digester at Oakland’s [...]

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Vending Veggies and Fruits

The Wall Street Journal, fresh off this awesome piece on food waste, continued its hot streak with this article/video on produce vending machines in schools. Unlike the traditional sweets and chips, fresh foods in vending machine provides new challenges to avoid waste. Namely, temperature and bruising. It’d be easier if the new machines focused on [...]

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Studying School Food Waste

Many folks, rightly so, are concerned about the quality of food that our public schools serve. A somewhat related problem is the amount of food (think gooey vegetables or rubbery fried fish) that’s thrown out. To help understand exactly what schools discard, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency just published a major study on the topic. [...]

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Back to School Waste

As many of you are gearing up for another school year, it’s worth considering that complicated topic–school food waste. School lunch produces its share of waste, from the untouched apples to milk cartons lining the trash. But school breakfast isn’t much different. In fact, it can be worse. But it doesn’t have to be that [...]

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Cafeteria Composting

Rosie Noden decided that her children and their Kent, Ohio peers needed to become better connected to their food. To achieve that, she and other volunteers recently built a community and school garden at Walls Elementary. Where the story gets even happier, though, is that the school will begin separating and composting food waste from [...]

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Friday Buffet

CBS’ The Early Show weighed in with some household tips for avoiding food waste. Awesome to see the networks (finally) finding the issue of food waste. — — I can’t really say anything about this Grist article (for reasons that will become clear), but you should read it! In case you’re confused, click one of [...]

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Friday Buffet

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) thinks that reducing our food waste by 25 percent is a reasonable goal. I’d shoot a little higher, but, that’s just me. — — School lunch reform hits New Haven and food hits the bin. Of course, it’s more complex than that. An engrossing read. — — Why can’t composting and crafting [...]

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