Expect Big Changes with US Food Waste

There’s MAJOR NEWS in the battle against food waste–President Obama plans to issue an Executive Order making it illegal to throw away food. The Executive Order, helped forward by First Lady Michelle Obama’s urging, will amount to a de facto national ban on food waste.

Can you keep a secret?

An Obama administration official with knowledge of the plans said that the changes should occur in the coming weeks, once the showdown with Russia over Crimea dies down.

The ban will be part of a legacy-building effort by the Obama administration to impact climate change by dramatically reducing the amount of food that is wasted and ends up landfills. At present, food is the most common item sent to landfills, comprising 21 percent of the post-recycling waste stream.

In related news–Happy April Fools’ Day!

OK, so that national food waste ban isn’t actually happening–at least not yet! But wouldn’t that be nice?!  And there is plenty of movement on the subject, so perhaps the notion won’t be so far-fetched in a year or two. A guy can dream…

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