Friday Fun

Food Wise Hong Kong was launched in 2012 by the (government) Environment Bureau with the task of reducing waste in a region with scant landfill space. To accomplish that goal, they’ve created the Don’t Be a Big Waster campaign.

While it’s hard to know exactly how to take it, the video and its content are pretty great:

OK, it’s not the catchiest song in the world. And that character, Big Waster, is a little confusing because he (it?) gives advice on avoiding waste while throwing away (or composting) food. Is he a good guy (thing?) or a villain?

And this line is a bit puzzling: “Why you order so much, man? Leftovers are such a waste! Yo! Yo!” But why not take those leftovers home?? I guess doggie bagging hasn’t fully taken off in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, we’ll chalk up the gratuitous double yo to cultural confusion.

Those quibbles aside, you have to marvel at the messaging (and sheer oddness) of Big Waster. BW is both a scold and a source of knowledge. He/it sure communicates a lot of information in a scant 30 seconds!

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