Living Better, Wasting Less

The Guardian normally keeps a keen eye on food waste. Starting this week, though, the UK newspaper has gone one step further by creating the Live Better Challenge.

image courtesy of The GuardianThe seven month editorial project will tackle a new sustainability topic each month. Encouragingly, food waste is up first, and that’s a boon for both home cooks and waste awareness.

Stop in for a spot of history and pull up a chair at the chef’s table for the entertaining piece by a very waste-conscious chef practicing “Root To Fruit” cooking. For starters, you can get ideas on what do with bread ends and learn about using odds and ends to make stock or ask the Dinner Doctor your own question.

Next, the hearty infographic will fill you up with food waste knowledge. And for dessert, try this entertaining and evolving piece by a writer trying to live off what’s in her fridge and pantry for a week.

After that full meal, you’re probably ready to take the challenge! Don’t forget to take a quiz to see whether you’re a “food warrior or food waster.”

Finally, in a tactic that hopefully continues, the site informs on food waste while retaining a drop of humor:

It’s a waste of our money, it’s bad for the environment – and the 86 million chickens that are thrown away without being eaten each year can’t be particularly chuffed about it either

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