Danes Demand an End to Waste

On Friday, Copenhagen will be…United Against Food Waste. The day will be a first: industry, government and consumers joining in a public event to tackle food waste.

image courtesy of United Against Food WasteEven more encouraging, stakeholders from various stages of the food chain will speak at the event, which falls under the EU FUSIONS umbrella. In addition to the speeches, the day will feature design contest winners and, of course, music by DJ Master Fatman.

Event organizers (led by the Danish non-profit Stop Wasting Food) will serve free food made from items that would otherwise have been thrown out. Organizers will divert any remaining food at the end of the event to Copenhagen’s hungry. And the organic waste will be collected and converted into biogas

United Against Food Waste follows successful Feeding the 5000 and New York City events as indication that the world is waking up on the food waste issue. And not a moment too soon!

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