Friday Buffet

Tesco released a major report yesterday called What Matters Now: Using Our Scale For Good. One of the three ambitions was to lead in reducing food waste globally. The massive, UK-based retailer plans to use its industry standing to prompt suppliers and manufacturers to reduce food waste, while helping consumers do the same.

For more information on Tesco’s plan, here’s a handy digest. And The Guardian‘s¬†summary is also quite useful.

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Austin is the latest city to legislate composting. By October 2017, all restaurants there will be required to compost (and some larger ones will have to do so by October 2016).

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With its Think.Eat.Save campaign, the UN Environmental Programme is raising awareness on food waste. One of the ways they are doing so is by highlighting traditional food preservation techniques. Neat!

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I really like how this Pasadena high school program teaches students that there’s still plenty of uses for cosmetically-flawed food .

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Finally, why settle for chicken pot pie when you can have pot chicken? There’s evidence that pigs fed parts of the marijuana plant will become more pot-bellied¬†(larger). Their feed included leaves and stems, but *not* buds. No word on whether or not this impacts a pot roast…

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