USDA Challenges US to Waste Less Food

I’ve been fairly critical of the USDA in the past for not doing enough to combat food waste. But I’m excited to report that the Department of Agriculture is will launch the U.S. Food Waste Challenge in a few weeks.

The campaign, in conjunction with the EPA, will challenge food producers, manufacturers and retailers–really everyone involved in the food chain–to reduce their food waste, recover excess food to feed those in need and recycle the inedible remains.┬áLet’s hope the main focus is on reducing waste!

According to the FAQ, the goal of the Challenge is threefold:

  1. Raise awareness on “the extent and implications of food waste in the United States.”
  2. Spread the word on best practices to reduce, recover and recycle food waste
  3. Prompt implementation of those best practices nationwide.

The Challenge officially kicks off on June 4 at the USDA headquarters in Washington, D.C., when Secretary of Ag Tom Vilsack will lend his support. Drop by there and/or the USDA’s blog for further updates.


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