Friday Buffet

The NRDC’s Switchboard blog provides a thought-provoking view on the latest thinking from British businesses on how to reduce food waste. And it all starts with a different mindset: that reducing food waste can yield increased revenue.

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On the topic of helping with the bottom line, free food waste reduction seminars would certainly help families. (As you lucky residents of Manchester, England are about to find out.)

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Congrats to the seven New England schools honored¬†by the EPA¬†for reducing food waste. I’m proud to be a New Englander, even if it was the New England EPA office doing the honoring…

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A recent phone survey on food waste in Taiwan (conducted by Commonwealth Magazine) yielded these staggering stats:

  • The money spent by the country’s 8 million local households on uneaten food each year can fund free lunches for all elementary schoolchildren in Taiwan for 39 years
  • While 80 percent see “throwing away food” as an “act of squandering money,” 32 percent would never take home uneaten food after dining at a restaurant.


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