A Light, Summer Post

If this was People or US Weekly, I’d be okay with it. But I expected more from you,¬†Bon Appetit.

In a short piece on her morning routine, actress Piper Perabo discusses how she stores food scraps in her freezer to compost them at the farmer’s market (Union Square, I’d guess). Nice one.

But my issue is with the illustration that BA put together. As you can see, the purported “frozen compost” is a blended green mixture. It looks like a smoothie, or a frozen version of Perabo’s breakfast juice. What it does not look like: frozen scraps and peels awaiting composting.

I could pick nits and say that the bag isn’t really ‘compost,’ but food to be composted. Yet, that would be too finicky. Similarly, I won’t¬†complain that the tone is a bit over the top (“If you open up my freezer, you’ll find vodka for my martinis and organic waste!”). And because we’re staying positive, I won’t even mention Coyote Ugly.

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