FearLess Friday

Posh UK retailer Marks & Spencer has cut food waste by 29% since 2007. And, the food waste they do discard is composted or turned into biofuels.

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Recycling is on the rise at US restaurants, not surprisingly. What is a bit surprising–13 percent of the restaurants polled say they compost .

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My native Massachusetts will soon see its first anaerobic digestion plant. The facility will convert food scraps and, mostly, manure to biogas and then energy.

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Finally, on Thursday I was on FearLess TV web show. If you have a spare hour, you can watch it here.

A few notes on the show:

  • I can definitely say it was the first time I’ve been interviewed in front of dumpster!
  • Also it was the first interview I’d done that involved eating. And no, I didn’t waste any food.
  • A dude standing 20 feet away Tweeted a question straight to Alex’s iPad. A new form of audience interaction…
  • I’m now trying to figure out what to do with the print of the artwork they featured at the beginning of the show.
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