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Baby Steps: The Slow Spread of US AD

When it comes to anaerobic digestion in the US, any news is good news. Even noncommittal, vague comments like those from a spokesperson for Ralphs Grocery Co. Ralphs is one of the Kroger-owned supermarket chains involved with the anaerobic digestion system at a Los Angeles distribution center that process 55,000 tons of food waste per […]

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Bay State Bombshell

In case you missed the big news, Massachusetts is set to ban commercial food waste from landfills by 2014. I included it in Friday’s post, but it deserves its own space. The new regulations would herald a major change–a few cities have similar rules on the books, but no state does. The ruling would prompt […]

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FearLess Friday

Posh UK retailer Marks & Spencer has cut food waste by 29% since 2007. And, the food waste they do discard is composted or turned into biofuels. — — Recycling is on the rise at US restaurants, not surprisingly. What is a bit surprising–13 percent of the restaurants polled say they compost . — — My […]

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