Friday Buffet

Do missed shots with this popcorn flinging bucket mean food waste? Not if you believe in the five-second rule! Wild Fling, you do not make my heart sing. 

popcorn by ayelie via creative commons— —

Purdue University has plans to send its food waste to an existing anaerobic digester at a nearby waste water treatment plant.  
And San Jose is looking at A.D. as a major catalyst toward its goal of energy independence.  

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Just read this nice piece from the Kansas City Star on food waste collection and composting. The paper also had a standout photo spread and an editorial on the topic. Newspapers! Yes, they’re still out there producing interesting content (sometimes).

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The Brits are the best. Not only are they making labels to remember when they opened their food, they’re studying “depackaging” equipment that would remove food waste from it’s plastic containers for composting or anaerobic digestion.

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