Count me…In? Out?

We all have those fridge mysteries. Count On It labels are intended to solve those by reminding you when you opened a jar or bottle. The labels let you scratch off the day and month (what–no time of day?!) to eliminate the guesswork and possibly reduce the waste from unknown food safety.

Lyndsey Young, a.k.a. the Mummypreneur, is a mother of two in Bottesford, England. As we see in this video with Ms. Young’s son, a good sport and a good reader for a 6-year-old, the product is aimed at parents:

I can’t decide about Count On It labels. On the one hand, it’s one more thing to use and throw away. How about just using a Sharpie? But what if the labels save you from tossing out food??

I do think many people use the ‘when in doubt, throw it out’ ideology in their house. My guess is that many of these folks would be the ones who’d appreciate this product. I don’t think I’d ever buy these, as I’m a sniffer/taster, but I can see how they’d work for some. Plus, they come from a good place–trying to avoid waste.

Let me know what you think about the labels and/or if you’re able to get a box.

P.S. Young got the seed money for her company by winning £15,500 on Deal or No Deal.

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