Tomato Sale

Every time I hit the store, I venture over to the discount produce rack to see what they have. It’s mostly curiosity, but I do buy things from time to time.

It’s essentially the one area where I do make impulse purchases—I know, tsk, tsk–but I only do it when I know I’ll use the item. Plus, it doesn’t happen often because the sale produce isn’t exactly enticing. While you never now what to expect, you can usually find old bananas (good for baking), very ripe cantaloupes (for eating…when you get home from the store) and wrinkly potatoes (just fine for mashing).

The other day, though, I was excited to see cherry tomatoes, which, in my estimation, brighten up just about anything. Two pints came shrink wrapped together for $1 (not bad, as these containers usually go for $3 each).

photo by jonathan bloom

Since they looked perfectly fine through through the multiple layers of cellophane, I was really curious to see if that was the case. Upon closer examination, I found only four cherry toms that that were off (as seen below). One had burst and leaked, which explained why it was on the sale rack. As for the other container, I’m really not quite sure.

photo by jonathan bloom

Discount produce buying is a way to benefit from produce departments’ increasingly superficial standards. That is, if supermarkets still have sale produce racks. Does your regular store have one? And if so, is there anything you wouldn’t buy from it?

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