Friday Buffet

courtesy of Nancy Mesaaz (via flickr)Expect some laid back composting at Jack Johnson’s Kokua Festival in Honolulu. While I’m diggin’ the concert’s sweet poster, all I can picture right now is Andy Samberg’s J.J. Casuals SNL faux-mercial.
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Might Massachusetts ban commercial food waste from landfills?

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In the wake of Harvard’s experiment to do away with trays (for four days), students at another Ivy League school, Cornell, are hoping to implement trayless dining. It may not happen, but Paul Seeber, the operations manager at Cornell’s Appel Commons, has pursued some other interesting ideas:

Seeber allowed a student film crew to come in and photograph the food wasted by each student. The group then showed the students how much food they had wasted, and asked them why they were wasting so much food.

“One thing I’ve done here as manager is decrease plate size. The plates are now an inch shorter and an inch and a half less wide,” Seeber said.

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Check out the happy (sort of) faces of trayless students. There’s a small chance the smiles on these Morrisville State students faces come not from thoughts of reducing food waste but from the free MP3 player they could win.

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Finally, when life gives you 24,000 peaches…make a giant peach cobbler a gigantic peach lady (Warning: PG-13 link).

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