Event Waste?

Grammy Awards After-Party, courtesy of Jeff Henshaw (via Flickr)In conjunction with the Grammy Awards, Warner Music continued what I call the ‘conspicuous recycling’ trend in hosting a green post-Grammy party Sunday night.

In addition to being a carbon-neutral and zero waste event, organizers composted food and paper waste. While it’s a positive step, I’d love to see excess food fed to people instead of turned into soil.

For an example of how that would work, the Brothers Warner could use the Super Bowl as an example. There, Arizona’s Waste Not, in coordination with the NFL Environmental Program, announced that they recovered more than 93,000 pounds of food from events surrounding the big game.

I had wondered whether this year’s Super Bowl week would produce more recovered food than last year’s. It sure did–34 percent more!

It’s hard to say, though, whether that’s a good or a bad thing. Were the parties more lavish/wasteful or were the organizers just more responsible/efficient food recyclers?

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