Zeitgeist: Thrift

Hahvahd Yahd How do I know this trayless dining hall thing is really taking off? Harvard is giving it a whirl.

As The Harvard Crimson reports, Quincy House will eliminate trays during Thursday dinners in February. While four nights isn’t a huge commitment, that hasn’t stopped students from complaining. To wit, this whiny lead:

The daily challenge of balancing plates through a bustling dining hall just became a whole lot harder, at least for Quincy residents.

We’ll check back in March to see if the brave Quincy students made it through those four evenings. All kidding aside, kudos to Harvard’s Dining Services and, yes, the students for dipping a toe in the trayless waters.

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Apparently, Wasted Food has its finger on the proverbial pulse…Sort of.

The subtitle to this front page article in today’s NY Times reads: “Easy Credit Era Over, Some See a Trend Back to Thrift.” OK, OK, the piece doesn’t get into nitty gritty like how avoiding food waste saves money. But everyday I find more and more blog posts on that topic (who doesn’t finish a cupcake??).

If this economic downturn continues/ever really arrives, that article on household thrift is coming.

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