Leftover Buffet

Ralphie! (courtesy of Autumn Spectacle) Boulder, Colo., is contemplating curbside food waste collection by truck. Alternately, they could reduce costs and emissions by sending around Ralphie (see right). Well, most of the emissions.
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This interesting New York Times piece examines North Jersey beefsteaks, the mostly male, meat-eating affairs. In it, the author (who also keeps an entertaining blog on sports uniforms) discusses the waste of bread that accompanies each slice of tenderloin:

Along the way, some protocols developed, most notably the habit of stacking the accumulated bread slices instead of eating them. This routine saves valuable stomach capacity for more beef while simultaneously serving as an informal scorekeeping system to determine how many beef slices the person has consumed. At some beefsteaks, the person with the biggest stack wins a prize.

Apparently, gluttony and food waste can coexist.

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There’s some intriguing talk of recycling food at Indian weddings on this blog. Not to mention it has a cool accompanying graphic.
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In this article and similarly-themed blog post, we learn that the lack of a cold chain in China causes some serious waste:

Around 30 percent of the total production of fruit and vegetables are wasted because of a lack of temperature control

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Kudos: Minnesota’s Prior Lake-Savage Area School District will send its lunch waste to a hog farm. Pigs dig sloppy joes.

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  1. MJP
    Posted February 4, 2008 at 11:14 am | Permalink

    Hi Jonathan – really interesting blog! I’ve been checking in every once in a while for a couple of months now. Since you mention Boulder’s consideration of curbside food waste pick-up I thought I would add that the city of Ottawa (Ontario) recently approved the expansion of its composting pilot project to city-wide collection by March 2009.

    I’ve been in one of the pilot project neighbourhoods, and have been amazed at how much this reduces our weekly garbage.

    Keep up the good work!


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