Super(bowl of) Waste

After nearly two weeks of hype, it’s time for some arm wrestling wood chopping surfing football.

By kickoff, the greater Phoenix area will have provided a whole lot of “hospitality.” Those gala events, in turn, provide food waste.

Fortunately, the local food recovery group Waste Not in coordination with the NFL Environmental Program will recover food prepared but not served during Super Bowl week. The NFL expects there to be between 25,000 and 65,000 pounds. Then again, last year’s festivities in Miami yielded 69,000 pounds food for the hungry and Waste Not expects to top that!Who wants it more? Hungry people

Last year’s total equals about 7 elephants worth of food recovered. Might we see an eighth elephant’s worth of glut from Arizona?
While these gala events illustrate American excess at its finest, at least the surplus food is put to good use. I’d bet it’s the only week of the year where soup kitchen patrons get sick of shrimp cocktail (outside of Las Vegas, that is).

Imagine what happened 15 years ago before the NFL began recovering food from Super Bowls. Imagine what happens at many stadiums every Sunday.
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Programming Note: the preempted Friday Buffet column will run Monday with plenty of juicy “leftovers.”

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