Really Paying for Restaurant Leftovers

Yesterday we talked about a restaurant in Singapore that charges customers $5 for every 100 grams of food left on their plate. Closer to home, Montreal’s Spirite Lounge has an even more extreme policy, as detailed in this article:

The restaurant runs by reservation only in order to prepare the right amount of food on any given night. They have a set vegan menu and give their patrons a choice among three portion sizes. As further incentive to finish your meal, you are charged extra if you leave anything uneaten. Dessert is optional, but once you’ve ordered one, you commit to finishing it. If you fail to do so, your photograph is pinned up on the wall of shame and you are permanently banished from the premises.


That punishment sounds a bit extreme, although from some of these diner reviews, it sounds like the banishments are somewhat for show.

I’m guessing many of the exiled diners weren’t planning to return to the restaurant. And if they really wanted to, there’s always the Groucho Marx approach.

But…you can’t say the restaurant isn’t trying to reduce food waste.

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