Friday Buffet

Thought I’d pass along a few helpful household hints for minimizing waste. Thanks, Little Jelly’s Belly.

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On to one of my favorite topics: cafeteria traylessness. New York’s Morrisville State College is doing a Trayless on Tuesdays experiment in February.

If that’s not cool enough, they’re raffling off a Zune just for participating. Insert crotchety ‘when I was in school’ grumbling here.

Earlier, the school’s dining services promoted food waste awareness. This winter, they weighed squandered food during Wednesday lunches at Seneca Dining Hall. Over those three afternoons, the average diner wasted more than a quarter pound of food.courtesty of Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation

Yet, in addition to weighing the waste, they set aside all the untouched food. It makes a great visual (see photo).

Honestly, who throws away an untouched banana?

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Pretty soon, Vancouver residents could be composting those bananas (just the peels, hopefully). The city is considering going the way of the Bay Area and Seattle in introducing household food recycling.

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