Paying for Restaurant Leftovers

Thanks to Ming’s Space, we get this wasted food snippet from an all-you-can eat restaurant named Coca in Singapore. Take it away, Ming:

Singapore's coat of armsWe were eating and joking away until I saw a little note sticked onto the table, stating that:

“Every 100 grams of food wasted will be charged $5!”

Awesome. I love that policy at all-you-can-eat places…provided the restaurant tells diners about the rule in case they miss the sticker. Back to our story:

Poor Pris have to distribute the prawns equally cos we still have so many left!

Pris: “Eh Ah Pat, later when the bill comes, ask if they will charge us for the wasted food…Cos if they charge us, then we continue eating.”

Me: “Whahahahaha!!!”

Draw your own conclusions, there.

After Coca, we went for CoffeeBean. Although we were so bloated, we still finished the drinks!

A nice reminder of the power of the dessert stomach, my brother’s theory that humans actually have a second stomach they switch to for dessert. Ergo, dinner fullness matters not! If you need proof, try to think of the last time you saw wasted dessert. Isn’t ‘wasted dessert’ an oxymoron?

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