Thanksgiving Tips

Happy Turkey Day! After re-reading my Culinate article, I thought, ‘Man, I sound like a curmudgeon.’ Then a friend jokingly asked if I’d be fasting on Thanksgiving.

So, I’ll be clear: I love Thanksgiving. I enjoy both eating great food and spending time with my family. Please pass the stuffing, Grandma.

I just hope that on Thanksgiving, with its food focus, we all get a moment to consider our everyday consumption habits. And that we make the most of the bounty on our table.

On that note, here are five tips for avoiding Turkey Day food waste:

Plan who’s bringing what. That way you won’t end up with five pies and one side dish. Or vice versa. (I’m not sure which I’d prefer.)

Don’t pile food on your plate. Getting seconds (and thirds) is really easy.

Pace yourself. It supposedly takes you 20 minutes to realize you’re full. Not that being full really stops anyone on T-day.

Divvy up leftovers. Have guests bring take-home containers or have some on hand.

Don’t let food sit out too long. If you do, cue the Kenny Loggins–the food may enter the bacteria “danger zone.” 

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