Gallery opening–BYO Wine

slightly nicer galleryToday marks the unveiling of a new feature here at the site. Eagle-eyed readers may have already noticed the Wasted Food gallery, which can be accessed through the “gallery” tab above.

I hope this exhibit “space” promotes discussion and raises awareness of food waste through art. I’m imagining “exhibits” will rotate through, and I’m open to all art forms, so contact me if you have any ideas.

The gallery’s inaugural exhibit comes from the heartland. Pantelis Korovilas is a 19-year-old photography student from Clinton, Iowa. His Project+ examines the increasing amount of food produced and wasted in this country and its effects. In Pantelis’ words:

It seems that the bad habits that our society takes on as a whole are so complicated to drop that my only real goal as a 19 year old with a camera is to make people more aware of what is happening and that they do have a certain level of control over the situation.

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