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Powerless to Prevent Waste?

With power outages, many in the Mid-Atlantic states are in a bind: hoping to keep their perishable food cold and unsure when to discard it. That’s why this piece from The Washington Post is helpful. It includes useful food safety advice and tips to prevent food loss: Transfer foods from the fridge to a small […]

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Friday Buffet

You know that compostable SunChips bag? Yeah, the really loud, crinkly one. Well, about that loudness–Frito Lay is discontinuing the bag precisely because of that noise! A real shame. — — Nice to see the study on the energy wasted when food isn’t eaten is getting some press. And man is it getting some press! […]

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Beep, Beep–Anything for the Compost Heap?

Things are really looking up in Washington. The health care bill finally passed, the Wizards got the first pick in the NBA Draft and household compost collection will soon be available for much of the D.C. area. While businesses have long been able to have their separated food waste picked up by Envirelation, a new […]

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