Loving the Leftover Sandwich

Thanksgiving dinner is great, but the days following are truly special. Because those few days after Thursday are a real rarity–a time when eating leftovers is not just merely tolerated, but celebrated.

And while turkey soup may epitomize the economy of repurposing leftovers, the turkey sandwich rules the leftover roost. In my family, we’ve come to enjoy these¬†turkey/stuffing/cranberry/mayo masterpieces at least as much as the original dinner. Gravy is a big plus, and I’m partial to using a few thin slices of challah to avoid over-breading (given the stuffing inside).

I usually have four or five sandwiches over the course of the hours and days following Thanksgiving. This beauty below was one of the better ones, and hopefully it can inspire your own masterpiece. And in the spirit of the season, stay thankful and love your leftovers!

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