You Gonna Eat That Crust?

Our long, national, nightmare-ish data gap on food waste is finally over.

For pizza, at least. A recent survey by Pizza Inn found that 73 percent of Americans eat their pizza crust. Put another way, 27 percent waste their crusts.

Or do they??

In another finding, roughly a quarter of Americans (24%) say that they’ve asked for someone else’s pizza crust. And that doesn’t include those too shy to admit so in a survey. Meanwhile, “19 percent of people have gone as far as stealing someone’s crust off their plate!” Right off their plate! Quite the crust caper.

Despite the possibility that Pizza Inn’s funding may have biased the findings, the survey provides quantitative backing and inspiration for leftover lovers nationwide. It also suggests, apparently, an oh-so-American solution for reducing crust disdain:

More than half (55%) of those who don’t always eat the crust say they would be motivated to eat it if it were stuffed with cheese.

There are few problems that ‘add more cheese’ doesn’t solve. But in better news, 54 percent of Americans consider pizza the best leftovers. In your face, Chinese food!

Finally, parents who always eat their crust are more likely than those who don’t to say that their child always eats the crust. But anyone who has been to a kids’ birthday party knows that most of them are lying.

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