Thanksgiving Assistance

T-minus one week until T-Day. You ready for Thanksgiving?

Preparing Thursday’s meal is likely to be labor intensive. But what doesn’t have to be hard is determining how much food to buy for the big day.

There’s no need to stress over the size of the turkey or the number of pies needed (hint: the answer is always ‘a lot’) because the good people at Personal Creations have created a personalizable Thanksgiving Food Calculator.

I like how the calculator provides several options to help us arrive at a decent estimate, including appetites and drink preferences. Chief among those options, though, is how much leftovers, if any, you desire. And I have a hunch that very few folks are silly enough to shun spare stuffing and turkey on Friday, the de facto National Leftovers Day!

Shifting gears–I’m sure you don’t need much reminding on this topic, but let’s all remember that not wasting food on and around Thanksgiving is massively important. It’s very uncool to squander food on the day devoted to appreciating all that we have. It’s even less cool to do so knowing that about 50 million Americans are food insecure.

With that unfortunate reality in mind, it is imperative that we not squander our holiday food. Yet, it’s equally vital that we enjoy–really savor–our Thanksgiving feast. Let’s love our food, family and friends. Just don’t forget to plan ahead to avoid wasting food.


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