Y is for ‘Yes, Kale Can Look Like That!’

Today, when I was picking greens for dinner, I found another entry for the burgeoning Alphabet Produce series: this Kale Y.

Yes you kale!

I’ve never seen a leafy green have a fork in its own road, but I was glad to see this one. This kale leaf not only checks the ‘Y’ box, it reminds us that real food has quirks (just like us!). When the retail market enforces strict superficial limits on produce, it dooms a large amount of “non-standard” produce to being wasted.

That’s why I encourage you to enjoy deliciously unique produce any chance you can–whether it’s from your own garden, a neighbor’s, or a local farm. A few, stray examples are even creeping into supermarkets. Who knows–maybe this message is getting through: real food has curves!

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