Could Cookisto Conquer All?

These days, web-based peer-to-peer services are all the rage. If it has worked for accommodation, cab rides, and deliveries, why not with selling prepared foods?(What’s that you say? Health code rules? OK, fine–that may be an issue.)

The web site/concept Cookisto is filling that edible void by allowing home chefs to post and sell their wares to the foodie public. The site started in Greece, where it has done well. The UK site is now collecting “Cookistas” (and their creations) and will launch soon. When it does, Britons could buy everything from a sausage roll to a slice of pie from participating neighbors.

The concept is interesting because it could provide a novel way to avoid having too many leftovers. You prepare and/or eat a meal, determine how much excess you”ll have, then put that up for sale. It could reduce waste, at least in theory.

Yet I would imagine many participants are cooking food just to sell, which would eliminate that ‘selling the excess’ factor. And I’m a bit concerned that the site’s premise is built on the idea that nobody wants to eat their own leftovers. Because, as we all know, leftovers rock.

Still–it could be a neat tool, and I’d love to see it hit the U.S. If nothing else, I’m sure Cookisto would be a boon for cook-ies.

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