Friday Buffet

Mayor Bloomberg recently announced some further details on New York’s plan to expand its composting program from the current thousand-odd households to 100,000 by 2014.

And it’s about time, given that a staggering 29% of New York City’s trash is compostable. Salon examines the potential revenue embedded in that waste stream. You know who thinks these upcoming changes stink, though? Supers.

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Some in Massachusetts feel that that ban is just government overstepping its bounds. Then again some of those same people put anaerobic digestions in quotations, as if it’s some imaginary, voodoo technology.

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Here’s further insight on the economics at play in Massachusetts’ upcoming ban on commercial food waste.

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Finally, on Massachusetts–this guy does not look too excited to be composting scraps from his restaurant’s kitchen. (He also doesn’t look like he’s ever been in a kitchen.)


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